How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

A pie chart is a circle graph in Excel that is parted into different slices. Each slice of pie chart defines a proportion of the whole. This graphical object is used to show the percentage of the data in the chart.

Uses of a Pie Chart

Pie chart is an excellent tool in Excel that helps to create an attractive visualization of complex numbers. You can use it to create proposals, your annual sales forecast, and much more. However, we suggest not to use Pie chart for data having more than 6 categories. Since, the large numbers of categories may look bad in a single chart. It may make chart difficult to interpret and understand. click here for more details.

Microsoft Excel gives you a range of options to create pie charts including 2D and 3D pie charts that come with a variety of designs and types.

Pie Chart is usually created to present data that can be classified into nominal or ordinal categories and shows percentage. At present, Pie chart is one the most loved and accepted formats to present data in a visual form.

Steps to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool to create a pie chart in just a few clicks. Here are steps, following them you can learn making pie charts in no time.

Step 1: Type Data into an MS Excel Sheet-

First, type your list of data in Excel in two columns, which is quite easy. Type your description of the numbers in column 1st and your numbers in column 2nd. As in the following example, the column A contains the categories of animals and column B has numbers associated with these animal categories. Make sure you are not leaving any blank rows or columns while typing the data. for related info, visit :

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

Step 2

Select the entire entered data by clicking on the top of your data and pull the mouse pointer to the bottom right.

Step 3

Now go to “Insert Menu” of your worksheet and click on “Pie” and then select the type of pie chart you are looking for. Now click on chart icon you have chosen; Excel will immediately insert pie chart into your excel worksheet.


In case you have made a mistake while typing your data in Excel, you don’t need to create the whole chart again. Microsoft Excel gives you the advantage; when you make a correction in the original data, your pie chart automatically gets corrected.…